The banquette

In all the years we have done the hifishow, our goal have always been to provide an exquisite dinner on the Saturday evening. During the years we have tried a veriaty of themes. Everything from three course eco friendly dinner with wine, to more pub inspired food. The last 10 years we have a banquet where every exhibitor has a number of seats depending on the size of the area they rent. On the banquet the majority of a whole hifi business sit together, something we have heard is quite uniqe in the world. On the Saturday evening we also present the ”Swedish Hifi Lifetime Achievement” award right before dessert. The jury – consisting of journalists, the organizer and the people who has recieved the prize up until now – are now honouring one person who is usually among us in the room. And hopefully not awere of whats going to happen.

Menu saturday evening, banquett hall, Park Avenue:

Kl 19.00 the bar is open. Buy something to sip on and study the vinelist. If you want wine for dinner then buy wine-tickets now in the bar. 

The kitchen has new chef and new staff since we last ate here. For this evening the chef Alessio Fioriniello created a two dish menu instead of a three dish and the idea here is that we get higher quality and little bit more food after a long day playing music. Home made bread and real butter on the table also.

OBS: contact the kitchen if you need special food, vegetarian, allergic and so on.

ca 19.45 Dinner time!

- Main dish: Spicy rich slow baked dear steak with potatoe "stomp" with dragon and roasted parsnip in red wine shy. 

- Dessert: Cheesecake on vanilla, white choklad and berry compote.

Included in the banquett ticket is water and coffe afterwards. Good wine selected for the food you buy in the bar when arriving, see above.

Swedish Hifi Lifetime Achievement Award